January 11, 2012

Attn: Pittsburgh Anthro-philes! Deal alert!

A rack at West Mifflin Gabes

Last week my friend Elaina mentioned that she managed to score this pair of Chie Mihara pumps for $10 at Gabriel Brothers. I wondered from where something so fancy originally came? Then this week, reader Danielle Marie commented that her local Gabriel Brothers had a motherload of Anthropologie items. So it seems that SWPA Gabes as well as tri-state area Rugged Warehouse stores once again landed Anthropologie overstock.

I scoped the scene today at the West Mifflin store where I found a rack of dresses marked at $19.99 each. Although none of the ones I wanted were in my size this is great news for other deal hunting Pittsburgh Anthro-fans. With so many stores in the region, I wish I had the time to plan my own tour de Gabes.

For novice Gabriel Brothers patrons, know that you need to shop carefully. Stores are filled with overstock as well as damaged or otherwise "unsellable" merchandise so inspect items closely and try things on! I've bought without trying and learned the hard way that anything priced with a .00 is final sale (nonreturnable). Go with low expectations and a chunk of free time. Gabes can be hit or miss. Although the Gabes shopping experience might feel comparatively unglamorous it can be really rewarding. As a longtime shopper of Gabes, my best score was a beautiful Miu Miu blouse priced at $10 years ago in Belle Vernon.

Sometimes shopping Gabriel Brothers can be a wash when it comes to stocking items that suit your style and aesthetics. I typically wear clothing that is forgiving and not too form fitting. Surrounded by special occasion party dresses and more (that look like these from Goddiva dresses), I often find myself leaving empty handed. I guess it depends on when you go.

The lack of organization might feel overwhelming. Good stuff can easily get misplaced or hidden so be sure to bring friends to help you divide and conquer. For more on how to shop Gabes, read my tutorial here.


Keilexandra said...

I'd never been to Rugged Warehouse before, but for Anthro, it was worth a trip to one that's pretty close by. No dresses, sadly, but I did pick up a white Cloudless Skies Paperbag Skirt. They were selling three different white skirts from Anthro for $13: White Trillium, Cloudless Skies Paperbag, and Drawing Parallels.

Kate said...

Thanks for the tip! I read your blog earlier today and made the trip out to West Mifflin this evening. They were cleaned out of dresses, as expected, but I scored some awesome Free People lounge wear and Anthro and Urban underwear, which I love but is always too overpriced to justify. Do you find that one Gabes gets Anthro/Urban stock, they are all likely to get it? Or is it just hit or miss, in typical Gabes fashion? 

Thanks for posting! I'll be sure to check your blog more often for local deals!! 

Kate said...

I answered my own question by stopping in the North Hills Gabes today. There were a few random Anthro and Free People tops floating around, and a rack of linen pants from last summer, and a whole bunch of that blue crochet Corey Lynn Calter dress for $19.99. There were about 30 of them, in every size. Was that dress really $400 originally!? I picked one up. Maybe I'll make the trip out to Monroeville tomorrow :)  

Jenn said...

Oh, we need more stores like this in NYC!!  I'd love to go hunting for a good deal, especially on Anthro items I missed out on. 

Emily L. said...

Gasp!  The Approaching Blue dress!  I wonder if they do charge sends?  LOL!

S said...

soooo jealous!!!

Natasha @ Moody Girl In Style said...

That's exciting news for anyone in the Pittsburgh area...I wish we had that kind of store down here in Florida!


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