February 22, 2012

Recent "Outer-wares"

Sometimes I photograph my complete cold weather ensembles because I am such a sucker for a good coat. Despite my archival efforts, I don't always share the visual results on the blog. I tend to wear coats in rotations because they vary in weight and suit different patterns of weather. Some of my boldest coats don't transition across a range of outfits easily. I've noticed that those ones end up being worn less overall. But once I've pulled something and grabbed gloves and scarves to match, my laziness takes over and it becomes the default outerwear for a week or longer.

For Valentine's Day I remembered to wear this Zara coat from 2007.

The bright red can be a tough match because my wardrobe relies heavily on vibrant prints. But I managed to wear it quite a bit.

This week I've been wearing my black and ivory MBMJ coat from 2008 (bought on ebay in 2009-10).

On the coldest weeks I've relied on this old staple which is my warmest coat.

It is another Marc by Marc Jacobs coat but from 2005ish? I bought it in 2007 (also from ebay).

Lastly, I've been wearing my new Burberry coat which photographed kind of poorly but I think is pretty darn cool.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a place where such an arsenal is unnecessary. But I am glad for the seasonal variety because of my love for coats!


the dea diaries said...

Love all your coats Jess and definitely agree that brighter pieces are harder to wear on the regular because of their "in your face" factor. Love that you wore red on Valentine's :)

S said...

love all your coats!  mine are sorely neglected here in TX!

carol_prettythings said...

Coats are such fun! I kinda miss mine. But I think I'd miss San Diego weather more, given the choice. ;)

zyzzyva said...

The only thing that could challenge my dress obsession is my coat obsession.  ;)  (This is one of the reasons why I love your blog so much...) 
Surprisingly, my bold/bright coats get a lot of use.  I love to use them as a final pop of color or pattern (perhaps more of a boom...?) or go monochromatic and color-match the whole outfit.  In fact, I think my black coat gets comparatively the least wear out of the lot, despite being adorable (Erin Fetherston for Target w/ velvet heart on the back).  

When we recently moved, I was really afraid the above-100-degree summer indicated it'd never be cold enough for many of my outerwear pieces.  This winter, though, we discovered it gets just-short-of-snow cold here, so my beloved coats are safe and on constant rotation.  ;)  
The boyfriend sometimes complains that there's barely room for his few jackets and one coat in the coat closet.  Seeing as he doesn't want any more (I've offered, he's refused) and I wear all the ones in there, I don't see a problem.  :D


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