February 27, 2012

Red all over

Tibi dress
Redraven Bib Necklace
Spanx tights
Bracelets from Target, Gabes, Kate Spade

An argument for taking my nice camera to campus can be found above. The blur is ridiculous. And it is part of why I've slowed down my rate of outfit posts. Of course the real reason I haven't been able to post as much is because of my work responsibilities at the moment. But the outfit photos and the deteriorated quality connects with that. This outfit is from Valentine's Day. I am that far behind on blog stuff. 

At work I have less "down" time than ever before so I take two quick photos that I barely review and call it a day... Perhaps taking my nice camera to campus would ensure that those two photos had a stronger chance of being decent? I am still getting the hang of the camera, its settings, and its accessories. But that might be a good goal to set for the not so distant future?

You can't see it but I am wearing the pretty bib necklace I bought from Redraven Studios. It sort of matched the print perfectly. But it also didn't allow the necklace to be showcased. After I wore this I paired the necklace with plainer dresses so the necklace could be the focal point.


BiblioMOMia said...

Adore the pattern--there's nothing like a fabulous dress to make a great outfit.  Adding a statement necklace just makes it extra special.

carol_prettythings said...

I weigh in for bringing the nicer camera to work - especially if that means we'll see more of your outfits. Would love to be able to see a shot of the pretty necklace in close range, too! :)


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