April 30, 2012

Craving colorful or printed spring coats

Although I haven't been buying much lately, I have been on the hunt for a colorful or printed sprint jacket to wear with casual, transitional pieces. My current rotation of spring weight coats are black and khaki. It would be fun to have a statement piece or even something casual to wear that can top an ensemble but brighten it up. My cold weather coats are such favorites that this time of year feels inevitably bittersweet. Putting them away for many months might be less of a bummer with brighter, more fun lightweight toppers. I like the above plus size ladies coats from affordable UK plus retailer, JD Williams. But they do not ship to the US. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for similar US bargains in the coming weeks. Where did you get your favorite spring jacket? 


zyzzyva said...

I know what you mean. Last night we were out for dinner and a movie (my birthday :) and coming home around 10:30 it was still about 60 degrees... Looks like time to rotate the closet again. I'm sad to see my coats and cold-weather dresses get packed away, but am happy to see my jackets and sundresses again. ;)

My favorite jacket is the cropped hooded "trench" from the GAP. It's cotton twill in yellow/chartreuse, reading one way or the other depending on the lighting and what's worn with it. It was actually my first charge-send piece. I had tried it on on a whim, but left it behind since I didn't think I was ready to embrace color in such a bold way (how far I've come since then!). I soon couldn't get it out of my mind and desperately tracked it down, using some random online mall stock-tracking website.
It's probably the piece I receive the most compliments on, despite the boyfriend calling it my Uranium Jacket (it's not his favorite).

GaryHBroadway said...


Dajana said...

The green jacket really caught my eye. That hue would complement your hair colour nicely.

The weather in Alberta is beyond schizophrenic. I've been alternating between wearing just a blazer/spring coat and having to don my winter gear. I'm excited for the real spring to make its presence known so I can put aside my tights. Soon, I hope!

p.s. I have Anthro's Pansy Corset trench waiting in my closet and a striped pink jacket I'm excited to wear, too.

carol_prettythings said...

I recently got my spring jacket from J. Crew...but it's black, hahaha. This is actually interesting, because I haven't worn a black jacket in several years - it's actually a change for me. But I do like the idea of a colorful or printed one.

I also love that umbrella you've got in your set. So pretty!

carol_prettythings said...

Happy birthday!

Lyddiegal said...

that umbrella is just the prettiest thing! i love that the print is on the inside so you can enjoy it while you carry it.

thatdamngreendress said...

I know what you mean...it feels like all my coats are sorta drab. In fact, I just recently realized I don't even have a proper mid-weight coat for early spring- you know, stuck between winter coats and light cotton layers weather. I needed something for this upcoming Iceland trip and thrifted an ok hip length coat, but it's BLACK. How grim- I'm gonna need some very bright scarves!

I wish I'd jumped on that bright orange raincoat that hit 50$ on sale at anthro last week- I like this bright green one you have here though!


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