May 23, 2012

Primary Blooms Dress review

I just love the vibrant colors and sunny print of the Primary Blooms dress. When I was at Anthropologie the other day, I grabbed it in a 10 to try. Although I am not as familiar with Girls From Savoy, I figured that between the 6 and the 10 that were on the wrack, I'd fare better with a bigger size. My instincts were correct. The 6 would have been far too small. The 10 was a bit large toward the shoulder/bustline area. You can see it gapping near my shoulder in the first photo. But fit nicely everywhere else. I wonder if the 8 would be the correct size since the waist and hips felt forgiving overall? I loved the pleating at the skirt and the drape of the fabric. It is fully lined and came to the knee on me. It features a lovely (and thankfully not too deep) V-shape in the back. My bra was not visible despite the V and the way the dress cuts into the shoulders.

Of what I tried that day, this was my mom's favorite. And it was my second favorite. The price point seems typical for a silk dress from Anthropologie and for that reason, I will be waiting to see if it still strikes my fancy come sale time! What do you think?


alicat9 said...

Looks great on you!

abby said...

I really like this on you! Abby

dajana, all kinds of lovely said...

I quite like it on you, lady. (:


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