July 23, 2012

Quick Dressing Room OOTD

This Fluttering Flora dress has become my go-to number for the recent wedding shower I attended, an admissions/orientation event on campus, brunch, and a going away party for my friends. It gets a lot of compliments and still manages to fit my ever-growing waistline. Very into it!

Fluttering Flora dress from Anthropologie
Kate Spade bag (current season versions on sale here and here (for the second one, use code ME for an extra 20% off! Valid today and tomorrow on everything at Piperlime)
Michael Kors watch
Redraven Studios necklace
Vintage bracelet
Delman Wonder striped flats (similar here, here, and here)


Robina said...

So I read a review on Anthropologie that this dress fits similarly to the Unconditional Osier dress, which I love. Do you know if this is true? The UO dress might just be perfect for me for my sister's December wedding (there are some on ebay I've had my eye on), especially if it works with an expanding waistline...do you have any experience with that one?

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

In my experience, it does though I don't own the Osier. Here is my review of that one: http://consumerconsumed.blogspot.com/2011/10/anthropologie-reviews-unconditional.html If memory serves, it ran a tad smaller than this one though.

Robina said...

Both are so pretty! Although I have coveted it for a while (with no reason to get it), the UO might not be as fancy as I need to be (we don't do bridesmaids in the KB family and Saad wore a Butter dress to my slightly more formal wedding, but still...maybe too cas). I dunno. I am just dying for options that won't be some boring maternity dresses, but I'll probably find something before December that is good. Naturally I will be picking your brain a bunch along the way.

Maybe I should buy this one for the bridal shower. :P Not that I can afford it full price right now.

robina said...

K family, not KB! We are not all married to the same family. Ha.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Are you pregnant?!? BTW, I think osier is more formal looking in person than fluttering flora. If you can find one on ebay I'd go for it!

thatdamngreendress said...

yay- I love it when a piece magically becomes the go-to: comfortable, stylish and pretty!


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