January 11, 2013

Anthro Sale Haul

Until this week, it had been quite a while since I purchased any clothing from Anthropologie. Months, even! But when Roxy posted that the extra 30% off was working on Monday's sale that saw various second/third cuts I finally caved. Much to my surprise, every item in my order shipped and swiftly. The order arrived today. I didn't have time to try things on with proper foundation garments and styling accompaniments. But I did a quick "throw on and see what fits you" scan while E was napping. I'm sad to say it seems like everything will be returned. I just wasn't wowed by it. Or perhaps I wasn't wowed by how it looked on my current body? It's hard to tell. 

As an aside, I would love to find a Flared Carez dress in the darker blue/purple print at the second cut price. It isn't nursing friendly but I fell in love with it when I reviewed it toward the end of my second trimester here. If anyone sees one, let me know!


thatdamngreendress said...

aw nuts. Even the cute shooz?  I was so happy that the mustard dress fit my sister perfectly- it didn't work on me, but it's so cute on the right person!  I hope you find the Caraz dress- I really want one of these soft stretchy dresses- I'm hoping the new polka dot one might be it...

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