September 29, 2013

Book Print Clothes for Fall (reviews)

tommy hifiger library dress
Clichés be damned. If you make a fabric printed with a crowded bookshelf, I will want all of the things made with it. Another Anthro Blog posted about this Tommy Hilfiger Book Print Dress and although she didn't love it on herself, I thought it looked fantastic! I tracked one down in my local Macy's and wound up taking it home. Regarding the fit, I needed a large. I didn't want any gaps at the bust or hips that would necessitate pinning and the large fit the bill. I'd say it runs true to size.

The fabric is cotton and has a slight sheen to it, which makes it look a bit dressier. The skirt runs slightly narrow through the hips but the bust had plenty of room. The sleeves are roomy but not blousey. It even has subtle details that feel reminiscent of the Anthropologie of yore. The button placket is lined with a very attractive plaid in coordinating colors. The dress has pockets but they are stitched shut (which I prefer to keep in tact with a slimmer cut skirt). The shirttail hem is very subtle and includes the hemline equivalent of a buttoned epaulet on both sides.  I think it will be perfect for teaching especially once I add opaque tights. The background color is navy blue so it will look nice with brown boots. Be warned that some of the books have the letters "TH" or the words "Tommy Hilfiger." I doubt anyone will notice unless they are looking very closely.

A comment also on Another Anthro Blog discussed a Garnet Hill skirt in a similar book print. I was interested in both pieces because I've not bought much for my own wardrobe lately. I decided to order it since there were no options to see it in person nearby. The skirt has a smocked waist and flexible fit. I bought a medium which worked nicely. Not too poofy. Not too small. I would say it runs large (ala Anthropologie) though I am typically a medium in an a-line shape such as this. The skirt has pockets and is fully lined. Its books are logo-less with black background. They also are larger in scale than the Tommy ones. This skirt would be great for tall ladies because I had to hike it up to my natural waist for it to fall at my knee. But I decided to keep it. I will post an outfit featuring it this week and you can see a close up of the print below.

I love both of them and although I never pay full price, I decided to indulge. I justified this decision in a few ways. First of all, the retail prices are not far off from Anthropologie's sale ones. My mom had a $25 off coupon for Macys so that helped with the dress. I found a 25% off coupon for Garnet Hill via google. And over the last few months I've bought myself very little new clothing. Other than a dress from J. Crew Factory that I loved on Wardrobe Oxygen, these are my first new pieces since May.

Also in breastfeeding-friendly wardrobe news, this is not a book print but I love this Tommy Hilfiger charm bracelet print dress. It's on sale and it suits my on-campus and baby-related needs so I might grab it. I want to wear my Library Dress first and then decide if its worth owning in different patterns.


Sabina Kelly said...

Jess - You look great - and i know i've said this before, but you look great in not black leggings!!! that is a beautiful dress on you and i love the print. I too wear tights for warmth in the winter, but this is a really good look for you.

zyzzyva said...

I've been coveting this dress for a while now and your review finally pushed me over the edge. I managed to track one down at a nearby Macy's (last one in the store happened to be my size! :) and blew through my accumulated savings pass & rewards certificates. So worth it. :D
I'm always on the hunt for dresses with sleeves and this is just darling. I do wish it had a full skirt, since that's my preference. Though perhaps this is better "justified" for me, since I already have the navy Reed shirtdress... and navy Kate Spade Violetta shirtdress... perhaps I have a problem... Lol

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you! I feel so exposed when I'm not wearing something on my legs but it is nice to hear the vote of confidence on being bare.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

So glad you got one and for a deal to boot! The sleeves were a clincher for me too. I too would have preferred a full skirt or at least something with a bit more a-line (and if I had my druthers, no shirt-tail hem effect at all) but the print is so cute that I will overlook the other aspects of the design that don't wow me. My students LOVE this dress. It's really funny (and perhaps predictable).

And I too am something of a hoarder of full skirt shirt dresses. Gosh I wish the Violetta would button over my current bust. Gosh I hope it will again someday... In the meanwhile I am on the hunt for the next size up. haha So all that is to say, I have a problem also. Hope you are well!

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