September 23, 2013

Half Day OOTD

The title of this entry is tongue in cheek because the day I wore the above ensemble was a 12+ hour one. I chose it because it was comfortable and because the elastic neckline of the dress made it super easy to pump in between meetings and teaching, especially when layered over one of my Rumina tanks. I'm thankful that on most days I out-produce what baby consumes when we're apart. She compensates for our separations by reverse cycling a bit. But my body doesn't seem to realize this. It's fine with me that I am overproducing because I've become something of a milk stockpiler. We're not at the point where I'm shopping for second freezers but my supply brings me comfort.

Speaking of stockpiling, at some point I want to write about the fact that I've begun couponing (i.e. I coupon now, as a verb). Although it's made me pretty blas√© about brand loyalty I'd be lying if I said it wasn't kind of exhilarating. It's no surprise that my desire for deals translates into the most practical (and arguably least glamorous) of venues. I'm not quite "extreme" about it due to time and logistical constraints. The extreme ones probably dedicate the equivalent of a full time job on clipping, organizing, and errand running). I admire their dedication but that's not in the cards for me. When I share via instagram, I usually tag my own ventures as #leftofcentercouponing since I'm fairly moderate compared to those with lots of time. What I do takes very little time thanks to printable coupons, store loyalty cards, and coupon match up blogs that do the bulk of the grunt work for you.  I've dedicated a modest amount of time but have still saved nice chunks of cash on household necessities and baby products because of it. I'll share more at some point. But the above haul cost me about .65 cents out of pocket.

As I indicated in my previous post, I am busy busy busy. I'm still trying to strike a balance. It would be nice if there were more hours in the day or if I didn't actually need to sleep ever.

Outfit Details:
Nanette Lepore dress (old.. bday gift from Chris)
Rumina hangs free pump and nurse tank layered underneath (c/o)
J.Crew Factory cardigan
Spanx tights
Chie Mihara flats
Kors watch; David Yurman necklace (graduation gift from in-laws)


Rebecca Lately said...

I coupon, too :) Harris Teeter recently came to our city, so before that I would drive once a month about 45 minutes away to another Harris Teeter to do a large shopping trip. Now that I can shop in my own city weekly, I've been saving a ton more. I hope you'll write about your couponing adventures! It'd be nice to hear what sites you use (I've been using and said...

I love the dress! I'm jealous that its already cool enough for tights there. Down here the temperatures are still in the 80s.

thatdamngreendress said...

wow- I had no idea couponing could be that effective! I feel certain that in Canada we never have deals like this, but maybe I'm just missing out on a whole network of savings!
Cute little between seasons outfit- I like the colours in the dress. Finally succumbed to tights wearing this week, but I haven't started to feel inspired yet. maybe because my full palette of hues (and Hues) are still packed away!


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