November 18, 2013

Taryn Crepe Shift and Petalblush Sweater Dress Reviews

I went to Anthropologie this weekend to scope a few pieces I was interested in (especially with the newly, temporarily lowered prices) so I figured I would do some reviews. Although I don't shop as often as I once did, whenever I do I always take dressing room photos (old habits die hard). It's from my own blog laziness and life busyness that I haven't shared them. Anyway, onto the reviews!

First up is the Taryn Crepe Shift. I loved the print on this one and once it hit the weekend's sale price (plus the extra 20% off) I was sure I would be buying it. That was until I got to the store to try it on in person. Above I am wearing a 12 which fit well through the torso and hips but remained a bit blousey through the shoulders. The 8 and 10 I also tried (not pictured) were very snug in the bust and the buttons wouldn't stay closed.  I am still larger through the bust at the moment due to nursing so snugness makes sense but the overall flimsiness and tenuousness of the button closures doesn't. This combined with the shortness of the dress (particularly when I raised an arm) meanted that I had to pass. Plus the above 12's pattern placement was a bit too "paisley-ish square marks the spot," if you know what I mean.

I expected to love the Petalblush Sweater Dress on the hanger and hate it on me. I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be really cute on! I grabbed a medium expecting to need a large but the medium fit nicely. The colors were really vibrant in person and the knit is very soft. I actually decided to grab this one. I am not sure that I will keep it but at the promotional price (plus extra 20% off, minus a giftcard balance I had) I wanted to have the option to mull some more. Granted, it isn't nursing-friendly but Emilia doesn't really need or want to nurse on the go much these days. She is easily preoccupied with a sippy cup or solids. Besides my hoarder stash means that I can always bring some bottled milk if I am really worried about it. What do you think of this dress? Is it a keeper? I thought the quality was quite good and the shape was flattering. I also thought that the print is one special enough to justify a space in an otherwise crowded closet. But I am open to opinions. Some online reviewers found it to be short waisted and that is likely true but I am a bit short waisted so it didn't bother me.

What are/did you get from this promotion? You have the rest of today to make final decisions so happy shopping!


thatdamngreendress said...

I think you have a good find in the petalblush! I find these kind of cozy (but not over-warm) knit dresses are great winter basics- especially when you need a touch (or more) of print! It's a great cut too- I don`t find the waist looks high. What did you think of the fairisle dress? I'm totally confused by the advertised length online and the shorter length of what I found in store! But I still love it!

mark a. said...

i think it looks great on you! looks like it suits you well!

Eina said...

Love the petal blush on you!

(and love your blog even if I don't comment)

jess Daniel said...

sweater dress are my weakness! They are so easy to wear and versatile. I love how you styled this look and the color is perfect for winter or spring!


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