November 21, 2013

Quick OOTDress that got away

These days my clothing wish list runs pretty short, especially when it comes to offerings currently available in stores. I don't have much time to shop in person or browse websites, and despite my recent Anthro sale purchase, I've become more frugal in my spending overall (especially when it comes to myself).

Although I long packed away my maternity wardrobe, I only recently began digging out from storage the pieces that didn't fit and/or weren't breastfeeding friendly last winter. I am excited to be able to wear a lot of my old favorites and have been cycling through them happily. Not everything fits me now but that is ok. I know my body is holding onto some weight for a few reasons and if it stays, I have made peace with it.

As I've revisited my old favorites, I've also been reminded of a few "ones that got away," like the above striped See by Chloé dress (see on the blog here, originally). I passed on buying it from the closing sale of Pittsburgh's Saks Fifth Avenue because I was waiting and hoping for a steeper discount. It sold out before that point and the dress has lingered on my wish list since. I occasionally would see it on ebay but never for a price I was willing to pay until recently. So now it is mine. It does fit a little differently from my fit review post originally. But I still like it and wore it the other day to go shopping at Anthropologie and to have dinner with Chris and Emilia at Social at Bakery Square.

See by Chloé striped sweater dress
Spanx tights
Tory Burch Revas
Burberry Balmoral trench (links here and above are to current season versions but all of my pieces are old)
Orla Kiely Punched Leather Stem Bag (still available in tan here, olive here, yellow here, and a slightly smaller version in black here)-- This was a very fancy anniversary gift from Chris in keeping with traditional leather goods to mark three years of marriage).


mark a. said...

i love that dress! you look very nice in it!

respect_the_shoes said...

The dress was meant-to-be then - and good choice on it, it looks great on you!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

The philosophy of shopping destiny is among my favorites! Thank you. xo

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you so much!


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