December 06, 2013

Some seriously belated (mostly) repeat OOTDs

You can tell by the foliage in the first two photos that these are fairly old ootds. Things have been crazy with Emilia's first birthday, her party, Chris's dissertation defense, Thanksgiving, and the end of semester crunch at work. I am so happy to report that Chris's dissertation defense was a great success. I'll update with a bit more on it soon. Same with Emilia's party!

But I have been busy because of all of the above, not to mention holiday planning, shopping, and decorating... So I have fallen behind on blogging. As much as I continue to love documenting my consumer wants, thoughts, and buys (as well as outfits), out of necessity blogging becomes a lower priority than my real life obligations. I didn't even get to write my gratitude post for Thanksgiving 2013, which is one of my favorite opportunities to reflect on and consider my blessings. Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, I still plan to put together these thoughts. They will just be late. And for those of you who continue to read this less-frequently-updated, unglamorous (especailly compared to the slick professional bloggers!), somewhat haphazard space, I want to say that I am truly, deeply grateful!

Details on outfit 1-- wore to campus for a day of meetings:
Old Navy striped terry dress, Spanx tights, MBMJ metallic mouse flats

Details on outfit 2-- wore for teaching (which upon further inspection might have been a little too casual)
Orly Kiely for Uniqlo dress, Orla Kiely bag, Spanx tights, MBMJ flats

Details on outfit 3-- Was dying to wear one of my favorite dresses again. Fits a bit more snugly but I'll take it! Wore for teaching and meetings
See by Chloé dress, Spanx tights, Ferragamo My Joy flats

Details on outfit 4-- Ditto outfit 3 as this is another favorite dress that fits a bit differently. Wore for teaching
Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Spanx tights, MBMJ flats

Some of my working mom readers might notice that none of the above are especially breastfeeding/pumping-friendly. Now that Emilia is 1 and eating more solids, I haven't needed to pump at work unless I am there for an especially long day, in which case I keep a slip and cardigan to throw on for pumping. Even though my office door locks, I am not the only key holder and I am paranoid...haha. But we are continuing to breastfeed at least for now and I pump before I leave and as soon as I return home on those days when I manage to avoid it at work.


Lou (whatlouwore365) said...

Congratulations on reaching a year with feeding! I had to stop at 7 months as Elodie had too many teeth that she was starting to use- ouch! I admire every Mum who can feed for a long time, it's a really lovely bonding exercise as well :) x

mark a. said...

it was worth waiting to see you in these belated outfits! very nice!


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