January 14, 2014

New Term, New (albeit repeat) OOTD

I have my big pre-tenure review this semester (delayed by a year due to the tenure clock stoppage of my maternity leave) and submitted my giant portfolio of supporting materials yesterday. Three extra large binders, packed with evidence of my efforts over the last four years. It was overwhelming to take stock of what I'd done and (inevitably) reflect also on what I wish I had done. Although the review is now out of my hands, just submitting the materials brought me a sense of relief because doing so forced me to stop obsessing. Such comprehensive and high stakes assignments are the kind that never feel "finished," even when a deadline looms.

This deadline happened to overlap with the start of the Spring semester which made me busy doubly! But all is going surprisingly well, considering. I am halfway through my second week of teaching and feel optimistic that this will be a great semester. My students seem engaged and my brain is managing to function despite some post-holiday baby schedule upheaval and the wrath of consolidating naps. Thank goodness for caffeine!

Outfit details:
T-bags dress (similar style but different print here and here)
Calvin Klein open cardigan
Hella Tights tights (c/o... review to come soon!)
MBMJ flats

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mark a. said...

fabulous dress! have fun getting back into the swing of things!


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