October 16, 2014

Poorly timed OOTD

My outfit photo timing has been off lately. I wind up either missing (the ever decreasing) daylight hours entirely or being met with uncooperative rainy weather. I've been such a scatterbrain lately and also misplaced my camera for a week. During this time I took pics but with a timer app on my iPhone. This means that already cruddy indoor pics turned out even blurrier! But I am not sure that I will repeat this outfit during this semester so I may as well document it using what I have.

Jeweler's Choice Cardigan from Anthropologie (old but new to me via ebay)
Burberry Brit dress layered underneath
Gucci wedges

1 comment:

Rebecca Lately said...

I like this outfit. I know how you feel! I have been missing the mark with my outfit photos. The changing of the seasons always does this to me.


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