October 14, 2014

Tired OOTD

I look so tired in this picture. My on campus days have been so harried lately that it's a miracle I ever remember to take a photo. And to indulge a retake or two is just not realistic. Besides, this is an accurate representation of how I looked because I was so tired. Between conference prep, my usual work responsibilities, Covey, parenting, and life I am so tired. But I still enjoy sharing my diary of outfits so you get to see this photo of my tired face and well-worn (aka tired, recycled, remixed, old but loved, etc.) dress.

To my fellow academics: Isn't October supposed to be easier than September?? I'm getting crushed for some reason.

Kate Spade Violetta Dress (old)
Spanx tights
Gucci wedges
Anthropologie belt
Vintage bracelet, Kors watch, Yurman necklace

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