October 26, 2014

A review of The Bouqs!

Earlier this month I recieved my first bouquet from The Bouqs (who I learned about by watching their episode of Shark Tank) and wanted to share my experience. The Bouqs concept is straight-forward. They specialize in flowers. Very beautiful, high-quality, sustainable flowers. No vases, no balloons, no overpriced stuffed animals. They source many of their flowers from South America where they're grown on the side of a volcano. It costs $40 for a single "Volcano" Bouq ($50 for a "California" one) and you can double your flowers for an extra $10. Shipping is included in that price. They occasionally run promotions, for example they recently ran one where you could double up your Bouq without paying the additional surcharge.

When I ordered my Bouq, I specified a ship date and waited with anticipation. When they arrived I had to provide my signature upon delivery. They came in a branded box that was emblazoned with instructions for best flower care practices. And they were packaged very carefully. When I opened the box up, the flowers looked thirsty, understandably. They had traveled a long way. I quickly trimmed and freshened them according to the instructions and a few hours later they were just gorgeous. They lasted a solid week before starting to look sad. I was really happy with the experience and want to thank The Bouqs for sending me the flowers to review. Although I received the flowers as a gift, my opinions are my own.

Feel free to check out The Bouqs for yourself!

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thatdamngreendress said...

Ruffle, schmuffle- a navy striped dress will always be in fashion! I bought some tulips this spring on a whim and so enjoyed having the fresh, colourful infusion in my kitchen. It seems funny not to buy something like this locally, but I suppose it's relevant to look at where the flowers come from in the first place!


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