December 15, 2014

Larksong Corduroy Dress Review

I posted about being enamored with the print of the Larksong Corduroy Dress a few weeks ago. And in person it didn't disappoint. The printed fabric of this Eva Franco dress is rich, saturated, vibrant, and scaled appropriately. But for better or worse it is quite literally corduroy. Ribbed, heavy, stiff corduroy. And for me it just didn't work.

I tried on a 10 which fit, albeit snugly so I would say this dress runs true but on the small side. The fabric does stretch and give a bit so that is nice. One of the first things I noticed was that the teal, sequined cap sleeves looked a bit dissonant in person (especially on my person). On the model they look effortless and elegant. But on my regular human body they felt misplaced. Another issue was that the plunge of the neckline (hidden due to my phone) went a bit deeper than my comfort zone permits. Finally, the thickness, ribbing, and finish of the fabric added bulk all over so I really didn't care for the half belt at the waist. I wanted so badly to like this dress but it is decidedly not for me.

The product page has great reviews so don't take my word for it! I can see how it would be beautiful on other bodies and I am sure it will yield compliments on those who pick it. The dress is quite stunning and unique, even more so in person than online. But on me the dress was just too much. I do kind of wish they had taken this fabric and made a Reed shirt dress-style shape rather than using what I consider to be a daytime fabric and integrating it into an evening silhouette. Maybe next time?


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

What a great idea! I wasn't crazy about even the non-sleeve aspects once I had it on my body but that is a great idea for those that like the fit and style of the rest of the dress. Thank you for reading!

Rebecca Lately said...

That is a gorgeous dress! Cap sleeves do nothing for my arms, though.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Same here! Not a fan of caps. I like a little more coverage.


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