July 23, 2015

Kushyfoot Review

I've spent the last few weekends out of town, walking all over Cleveland and Ohiopyle, respectively. And during the week (on days when I'm not heading to campus) I take Emilia to a nearby playground early, before it gets too hot to deal. This summer in particular, I feel like I have been walking a lot. And my feet are kinda worse for the wear.

A few years ago, I could wear any flat shoes and have no consequences. I'd have no foot trouble, regardless of the amount of walking or style I'd wear. During my predoc with the Smithsonian, I was living in Georgetown where there's no Metro station. So I walked miles and miles every day. Back then my shoes of choice were Tory Burch Revas. Now when I wear Revas for more than a few hours, my feet hurt. Perhaps it is due to age? Regardless, I have noticed that if I don't make practical footwear choices for these walks, I suffer. Thankfully, the problem has lessened since I started being strategic not only about my shoes but also about my socks.

Recently, Kushyfoot sent me a sampler package.  It contains many cleverly designed, affordably priced, comfort-focused socks as well as a pair of their "Flats to Go." I have tried everything in the kit and I have to say I love it all. My favorites are the Athletic foot covers due to the no-show cut outs and "cushy" footbeds. I might buy a half dozen more pairs because the two I have are getting so much use. I admit that I don't tend to wear socks in the summer but doing so lately has made a huge difference in my comfort. Thank you so much to Kushyfoot for sending me the products for review!

*Disclosure: Kushyfoot provided me with the products for this post but all opinions are my own.

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