April 03, 2017

eRase Epilator by Emjoi

This is a long overdue review of an epilator called the eRase e60 from Emjoi. I was sent this product thanks to my previous reviews of Emjoi's Micro-pedi and Micro-nail Buffer products. I had never tried an epilator before this one so my basis for comparison is shaving with a razor. The epilator which uses 60 tweezer disks to pull out hair definitely gives a smooth and impressive finish to hair removal but entails a bit more discomfort. The discomfort is brief but noticeable for someone like me who is not used to waxing or tweezing on the area of the body that I tested (legs below the knee). The epilator works to pull out hair from the root which ensures it lasts a good bit longer than shaving with a razor so that is great.

This product is very attractive looking with a vibrant floral print. It comes with a cap for the tweezer disks, a brush to clear out tweezed hairs, a power cord, and a nice carrying pouch to hold all of the above for travel. It works very well and I recommend using it in advance of a beach trip which will ensure less razor shaving time is spent on vacation. Thank you Emjoi for the opportunity to try the product!

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