May 23, 2016

Micro-Pedi with Emjoi

With Memorial Day approaching, there's no denying that it's open-toed shoe season. Unfortunately, I am at the point in my third trimester of pregnancy when seeing, let alone reaching my feet is a challenge. I am also reluctant to spend time in a nail salon due to fumes. So I haven't felt ready for the days of having my feet in public view until I was sent the Micro-Pedi by Emjoi!

It is a compact but powerful home pedicure tool that helps smooth out rough patches and callouses to allow softer skin to emerge. It requires two double-A batteries in order to work but once those are in, it is pretty powerful. It didn't hurt at all to use it. In fact I had more difficulty getting it out of the plastic package than I did giving myself a home-pedicure, despite the interference of the pregnant belly. It has a large button that pushes up to turn it on and it features helpful grips on the sides. It also has a little release button at the top for easy cleaning. While I will spare you the foot photos, I am really pleased with the results from using this! We aren't taking any big trips before baby comes but we are going away for a weekend here and there, and I will feel better prepared because of this small tool. Emjoi sent me this product to review at the perfect time of year so thank you to them! It retails for $39.95 (which is about what I pay for a pedicure in Pittsburgh). It is available for purchase directly from their website here.

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