April 11, 2018

Another Old Favorite: Marc by Marc Jacobs Paisley Dress

marc by marc jacobs medallion dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Tory Burch Caroline flats, Spanx tights 

This outfit is another one that features a dress I've worn a bunch and for nearly 10 years! My only reservation about this particular dress, from Marc by Marc Jacobs, is the deepness of the keyhole neckline. I always want to pin it or wear a camisole to cover up a bit. It prevents me from wearing it to work. But I enjoy wearing it to dinners around town. I don't even know if the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand still exists or if it has been absorbed into a general Marc Jacobs line? For years the brand was my go-to for interesting day dresses in fun prints. I still have a few "ones that got away" that I'm trying to track down. I have the dress shown above in two available color ways. And when I see it come up for sale I almost always consider buying another to have as a backup. But it's been so very long since I've seen a dress that has induced an immediate "I NEED THIS!" level of enthusiasm. I probably need to do more window shopping and browse but don't have the time to spare.

Also, since I last posted I had a birthday which means this blog is also kind of having a birthday. I believe I began writing it 10 years ago in April. So Happy Birthday to Consume or Consumed!

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