November 05, 2020

Fall Clothes are my favorite

Harry Potter Cloak


It's pandemic fall and I'm barely leaving my house as the case counts in the US break records. But we did get out a few times and thus, wore some clothes. I am swamped with work and the kids' school but I desire to catalog these moments. Above was on Halloween when we went to an outdoor gathering for the girls' virtual dance classes with the Hope Academy. 

Above, I am wearing a child's cloak (size L) from the Boden x Harry Potter line. Rosie is too (size S)! She didn't want to wear a costume but the prospect of matching helped. Emilia has one of these cloaks too! When we got the catalog she immediately fell in love. Then she read the books soon after. While they were not inexpensive for such a fanciful piece, I know from the Roald Dahl line that they will retain value on the resale market and the girls can age through them. I also rationalized it because I like them way better than the ones they sell at Universal Studios (where we will eventually go post-pandemic). They sold out so quickly that I didn't have a lot of time to think about it but I had a big account credit to spend, thanks to a Boden focus group I did. So... long story short, we have capes! `

The marital entity of Chris and I turned 10 about a month ago. We watched our wedding video as a family! It was so fun to revisit it and share with the girls. Here, I'm wearing a Boden dress I bought during the last sample sale I worked (December 2019). 

Had we made it to a pumpkin farm, the girls would have worn these fall themed looks I think. Dress available still from Nordstrom here

And finally, a Zoom look from last Friday for my digital media literacy class. I taught to black boxes so I couldn't even see if they grinned at my witchiness. I hope you and yours are well! 

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