November 29, 2008

Happy Holiday Shopping Season!

Happy Holidays, readers! Happy official start of the holiday shopping season! I met my mom at today at South Hills Village mall to hunt for Black Friday deals. I am going to try to limit my shopping from now until after the new year to gift purchases. It will be a challenge because of the sales but after this recent bout, I need a break!

Here are some photos I promised of the Saks damage. Note that these aren't all for me. A lot of this will make fabulous holiday presents for my loved ones.

Marc by Marc Jacobs bags (Turnlock Faridah in Fools Gold and Quinn in Elderberry):

And zip clutches (MJ collection in Pistachio and MBMJ Turnlock in Earth):

Shoe haul (Prada Plated Pump in Pewter and Jimmy Choo Morse Flats in Purple):

Misc. clothes and underthings:

Lacoste Polos (gifts for men, including part of my S.O.'s haul which also included a Theory dress shirt that I didn't photograph):

Longchamp Le Pliage tote bags (gifts for women):

I did show some restraint, as discussed in my previous post. In addition to those items that didn't make the cut, I didn't buy Chanel captoe flats or pumps, even though they are gorgeous and rarely go on sale. From the website sale I didn't buy this Chloé Asymmetrical Collar Coat which I have been obsessed with since I first saw it in the Fall 08 Collections.

It sold out online before I could take the plunge and it is hard to decide to take such a plunge when you can't try something on in person because your Saks doesn't carry Chloé clothing. I imagine the fit is probably similar to their diffusion line, See by Chloé. Still, I try to buy big ticket staples like a fantastic coat, in person. It will remain among those "if I had a time machine and an unlimited cash supply" cases of non-buyers remorse.

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May Kasahara said...

dear god that Chloe coat.



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