February 27, 2009

NYC haulage: Barneys Warehouse Sale, Century 21, Barney's Coop, Buffalo Exchange, Street Vendors

Though I probably only visit NYC about once or twice a year, I've developed a pattern of sorts in my consumption. I try to have at least two very memorable meals. I stock up on street pashminas to give as gifts or to add to my stockpile.

And I try to locate staple pieces that wouldn't be easily accessible through Pittsburgh area shopping but would be difficult to purchase online (like shoes in brands unfamiliar to me, clothing in fabrics that I'd want to feel before buying, jeans, coats, etc.).

I realized at the end of January that the Barney's Warehouse Sale was going to occur during my time in NYC for Chris's conference. Since we usually try to fit in some shopping when we travel, I knew Chris would be just as excited as I was to attend this famous event. And he quickly added it to the agenda, especially since Pittsburgh is not the most diverse shopping landscape for discount luxury menswear. With the closure of Filene's Basement there are even fewer options around here for him. The Pittsburgh Saks has a very limited selection of men's contemporary clothing and most of it is fashion victim-y designer denim lines that don't interest him at all. Moda is great but often priced out of Chris's budget.

So during these trips he makes the most of the diverse options and I relish in having a partner who will accompany me on destination shopping trips.

We both did well in NYC, though we've never been able to have the same magical Century 21 experience as we did on our first trip there together in 2006 (during which Chris bought outerwear from Prada and Paul Smith and I bought my first designer handbag). This time, we walked out empty handed, though their women's designer shoe selection was fairly extensive. We also struck out at Bloomingdales and Saks. But Barney's Coop was lucky for Chris and the Warehouse Sale had great pieces for me.

Chris got this beautiful Fiorentini + Baker boots with a cap toe. While the jury was still out, I told him that they looked like boots that a Depression-era orphaned boy would wear. That sealed their fate. The leather is so nice and I hope I can find a deal on a pair of their fantastic women's boots someday.

At the Warehouse Sale, Chris struck out but I got the Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra dress in a different colorway.

And a pair of Stella McCartney Jeans. It was intimidating trying on jeans in front of uninhibited European tourists and the models circulating the sale but Chris shielded me and I worked quickly to try them on without the privacy of a formal dressing room.

After eating a memorable and delicious lunch at Momofuku Noodle Bar, we stopped at the East Village Buffalo Exchange where we both found great, gently used pieces.

Chris got a tweed Paul Smith sportcoat. It is very professorial.

I got a mbmj sweater top and an Owl flap clutch bag for insanely cheap.

As much as I love Pittsburgh, I've never found anything like that at our Avalon Exchange. Though, they do always provide an avenue through which to get quick cash for unwanted clothing.

While I miss the far away friends and the limitless shopping possibilities in NYC, I am glad to be home. I came home to three packages (one for chris, two for me) and got to fully celebrate his birthday. Next post will document the these recent acquisitions. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Jess, I LOVE that dress. And those shoes. I am swooning, and am extremely jealous.

Unknown said...

My favorite post to date! God how I miss living in the Village with easy access to the Coop, Loehmann's, the 6th Ave Filene's and just about everything else good in this world.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Elaina! I was excited and shocked to find such good deals. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Owl Clutch was only $40!

Sophia, I've never lived in NYC but I already miss the excellent shopping. I bet it is hard to adjust to anywhere else once you've lived in the Village. Thank you for reading!


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