December 23, 2009

Fashionism Secret Santa Haul

I am a member at a fantastic fashion, style, and shopping community called and every year we conduct via Elfster a secret gift exchange. This year I was excited to draw one of my favorite posters whose knowledge of film, particularly from the studio system era, is vast. I decided to send her some magnets with mini film posters on them.

I picked Joan Fontaine because I adore her and knew my film buff secret santa draw did too! Rebecca, Jane Eyre, and Suspicion are fantastic films. I haven't seen September Affair, Until They Sail, or Blond Cheat but will put them in my queue. I also picked out some warm, knitted slipper socks with a snow flake on them, some Ghirardelli Premium Chocolates, and black leather gloves in her size. The gift was well received. And I got my own gift a few days later!

I promptly opened each beautifully wrapped component to become even more thrilled than I was just to receive a package in the first place!

I found a bunch of edible and inedible treats for me to enjoy over the holiday! I was thrilled to try Lipstick Queen's "Black Tie Optional" sheer matte black lip color. It was tucked into the adorable pink pail. Natural nail polish by Zoya has become a fast favorite since I first tried them a few months ago. The zip pouch they came in was too cute! To top it off, Vosges' Gogi Bar, Cadbury Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar, and peppermint stirrers were the sweetest icing on my gift cake!

Are you giving or receiving any secret gifts this month?


A said...

I love Zoya!!! I like the color Jo. Looks like you got some good ones there. :) Happy Holidays!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks! Happy holidays to you too! I love Zoya and have amassed a nice collection over the last few months.


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