October 20, 2009

So many sales: Easier to do a roundup!

Although Saks Friends and Family just ended, lots of great coupon codes are currently available:

20% off for Sephora Friends and Family with code: FF2009 October 19th through November 2nd, 2009.

15% off full priced items for Shopbop Friends and Family with code: INTHEFAMILY15
Ends Wednesday, 10/21 11:59 PM PDT

30% off Kenneth Cole friends and family. Stores, websites, and via telephone. FF2009 is the online code. I think you need to print the linked image for in store. Oct. 19-22nd, 2009.

Gap/Banana/Old Navy Save 15-25% til Oct 20
Get More Save More Save 15% on $75+, 20% on $100+, 25% on $125+ Works on any of the 3 stores merchandise! Use code: SAVE123 and stack SHIP150 for free shipping over $150.

$10 off any $49 Purchase DSW.com website for you and your friends Online only through October 26 with Promo code SHARELUV

25% Off Almost Everything Online atDefault Lord & Taylor with code FRIENDS or print for instore.

20% off Le Train Bleu website with code LOVEBITE now through Oct. 31st.

Yoox.com is having their sample sale. Click on the little icon on the bottom right corner of the frontpage to see what is available.

Happy Shopping!

One Coat, Three Ways: Marc by Marc Jacobs Scarf Coat

Speaking of my tastes not really changing, I recently located a Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf coat I have coveted for years! As far as I know, it wasn't stocked broadly because in my hunt, I only located one store that ever carried it: Shopbop. Because of its seemingly limited availability, it never was marked down significantly enough for me. Here it is in gray and black on the Shopbop model:

It also came in ivory and black. The attached scarf, colorblock panel, and large bubble buttons are somewhat clownish, particularly in the ivory and black colorway, but that never deterred me before! After I watched it sell out on Shopbop a few years ago, I scoured ebay. And since then, I've only seen it once (in the wrong size). So last summer when I saw it in my proper size, I decided not to pass it up.

I generally buy one new coat per year. I know how indulgent that sounds... I am lucky to already have a closet full of coats I adore. This purchase was arguably superfluous, as this genre is well represented in my closet. But coats are practical items that I can use with more frequency than a dress or even basic cardigan. Part of why I buy a coat a year (and why in weaker years when sale goggles really overtake me, I buy two) is that a coat truly has more closet longevity than other items. Especially if you live in a climate that requires them...

I am on the academic job market this year, applying widely to jobs all over, for which I am qualified. I've never lived in a place that didn't have four distinct seasons. Even so, I will find a reason to wear my coats. In early October, I already have! Classic coats will always be useful. They don't get beat up like shoes. They aren't as vulnerable to the ebb and flow of trends. They really can pull together a dog walking outfit comprising otherwise of Chuck Taylors and jeans. And because I bought it out of season, I got a good deal! Although it is a statement garment (I doubt I'll wear it on nights when I'd rather blend into the wall), the scarf makes it more versatile. You can really wear it three ways.

Ala Shopbop:

Ala Blair Waldorf (if the show aired when this coat was in season, I imagine she would have worn it to Constance like this):

Ala Jesspgh (one tie thrown over the shoulder):
This coat fills the hole in my closet left by a long-gone ivory outerwear piece. I had a vintage, ivory, cashmere topcoat with exaggerated buttons. It had 3/4 length sleeves. It had an immaculately clean lining. The pockets didn't have holes like so many other vintage coats I've found. It was perfect... And... I lost it. I forgot it at a party. I left it behind by accident one Halloween. The party hostess was in the process of preparing to move, so somehow it got mixed up with her things. And... she proceeded to sell it to a consignment type store called Avalon Exchange (our local Buffalo Exchange/Beacon's Closet place). By the time I went to buy it back, it was already sold. Ever since, I've searched for the right replacement. And while the wool of this one isn't cashmere, it has its own charm. I am pleased with my one coat, and its three ways.

October 19, 2009

My Taste Hasn't Changed: By Malene Birger Liane Dress

In one of my very first entries, I mentioned that I loved this By Malene Birger dress, called Liane.

Its simple feminine shape and leafy foliage print suited my style in the Spring of 2008, as much as it does in the Fall of 2009. When it was available at 80% off on The Outnet outlet of Net-A-Porter, I snatched it up. And it arrived carefully wrapped in its Outnet dustbag.

I have a small collection of these dustbags which eventually proved to be useful, not as grocery bags, but as storage.

Anyway, although the dress is very delicate and gorgeous in person, the shape is not terribly flattering on me. The length is longer than I expected. Technically this is the correct size. Danish 38.

But I think with some black tights and pumps, it will look nicer than these quick photos I took when it arrived.

What I do like about it, are the details. The interior hem is lined with a smaller scaled version of the overall print. And while the exterior fabric is a silk chiffon, the interior hem lining and accompanying ivory slip are slightly more shimmery and made of silk charmeuse.

I was clueless about Danish sizing, even though I also have this By Malene Birger sweater coat.

The size chart conversion and garment measurement information provided detailed enough information for me to guesstimate. The DK 38 translates to about a US 8. I think I will find ways to wear this and am too in love with the details to consider returning it. I got a great price because I was patient enough to wait well over a year. I guess it is useful to have reliable, slow-moving taste.

October 15, 2009

Rodarte for Target

While I found the Anna Sui for Target stuff to be less than thrilling in person, at least for the price, I was curious to see what Target's upcoming Rodarte collaboration would bring. I wonder if my Target will even carry Rodarte? We didn't get McQueen.

Anyway, today a bunch of photos from the collection leaked. It is set to be released during the holiday shopping season.

As a media scholar, I am always fascinated by the ease with which information can be unsecured via technologies. Target is apparently asking bloggers to remove the photos. I doubt I'll end up on their radar so I figured I'd see just how comprehensive their attempts will be to police this security breach.

What do you think? Will you be buying anything? The lace tights and the yellow lace cardigan with dress look the most appealing to me, personally. I like the black pleated skirt, too.

October 12, 2009

Earth Shattering PSA: Polish your boots! (duh!)

I was gradually reorganizing my closets (and weeding things into keep, donate, and sell piles), when I came upon unopened Kiwi shoe polish I bought on clearance from Target last year.

I forgot that I bought it with the intention of polishing my black Steven Intyce boots (that fit my calves) before I put them away for the summer. When I pulled out the boots, they were dusty (even though I stored them in a dustbag) and showed significant signs of last year's wear. Pittsburgh weather is hard on shoes and I am especially hard on boots. My clumsiness resulted in more than a few scratches.

I put down some newspaper, wiped off dirt and dust with a babywipe, and started polishing away! Here's a photo with one tip done (on the bottom):

Although the single use polish was for a regular, non-boot pair of shoes, it was ample polish for two coats on the entire pair of boots.
The polish restored their shine and hopefully I will remember to do this regularly, to protect the leather and extend the life of my favorite relatively-affordable, leather, wider-calf circumference boots! It's such an easy fix, I can't believe I forgot to do it last year!

October 08, 2009

Window Dressing as I Wait for Fall Sales

Some dressing room pics, with quality, and fit reviews from my 36 hours in NYC:

I wish this Nanette Lepore "Florodora's" dress was available in a different colorway. The electric blue with black embroidery and beadwork is 80s bohemian goth and I feel too old to pull that off.

Tibi Ruffle coat. I LOVE THIS. Very nice wool that is substantial without being stiff. I really want it but it was new and not at all on sale so I passed. Plus, this is the 6 which was a bit snug if I wanted to layer underneath. The 10 was a tent. They didn't have an 8 at the Fifth Ave store.

Nanette Lepore "Cafe Paris" (Paisley) dress. This is super cute in person. I loved it so much that it will likely be the shower dress. Chris's mom was extremely generous in purchasing it for me. The pleats are forgiving and although it is sleeveless, I can easily layer a cardi over top or something with sleeves underneath if I feel too self conscious about my arms. I am wearing a 10, which offered slight additional length. They had no 8 for me to try. 6 would have been obscenely short and too small in the bust, especially.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ruffled Silk Kaleidescope dress in two colorways. The dress on the right is a 6 and the left is a 10. The 6 was too snug. The 10 was a little blousey up top. They had no 8s so I passed without remorse.

Marc by Marc Jacobs wool "Peacock Paisley" dress. This loose style is not very flattering to my figure but I love the print and the ease of the shape. I am wearing a medium and found it to be very forgiving. I didn't try on the small but I imagine that would have been fine too. The wool of this dress is very soft. I will hunt for this in the coming months, hoping for a sale!

This silk chiffon "Lynda" Diane von Furstenberg dress in "Passage to India" has a paisley print very similar to the Nanette Lepore dress, but the ruffles, fabric finish, and shape are quite different. I liked this but it was full price and I was already getting another paisley print dress. I am wearing a size 8. Apparently it should have had a belt but it was the only one there and I saw no belt in sight.

I ended up getting a souvenir trinket key necklace.

I also got to try on the Peretti Bone cuff in Ruthenium, which is so cool.

Someday it will make a nice self present to commemorate a future milestone yet to be determined.

Other than the necklace, I left New York with some lovely memories (including teaching Chris's mom how to use the subway!) and the gifted Nanette Lepore Paisley dress that I hope will make a cute shower outfit. I might try to track down a few more of the above pieces if prices becomes right after markdowns.

October 07, 2009

Salecasting: A Quick Trip to NYC Lets Me See Before Buying!

I flew out to NYC on Monday, very early in the morning to accompany Chris's mom to an appointment. Although we were there for just 36 hours, we took advantage of our centrally located midtown hotel and packed in a lot of shopping! We had a wonderful view and were a stone's throw from Bryant Park.

The broader selection of in-season, full priced merchandise, typical of larger cities, can be an asset to a patient, savvy shopper. If you are willing to plan ahead you can save yourself the uncertainty of shopping online.

Although I knew I didn't want to pay full price for anything I was eying since the fall/winter stock launched, my intent to browse, assess fabrics/quality in person, and determine fit will facilitate informed online deal-hunting in the future! Since this isn't a great time of year for sales (we had JUST missed Bloomingdale's Friends and Family promotion) it made more sense to try things on broadly, including full priced merchadise that I typically avoid due to my budget. Tomorrow I'll post the dressing room photo hits and misses from Nanette Lepore, Tibi, DVF, and Marc by Marc Jacobs.


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