January 03, 2010

Resolved: On Wanting Less and NYE OOTD

Dinner with family and a very fun party with many local and far away friends. Dinner was casual and the party could have been, but why be casual on NYE?

Twinkle by Wenlan dress 

I wore the Marc by Marc Jacobs Kaleigh dress seen above but with tights and different shoes but managed to forget my camera and take no photos with my phone. I had the most fun I've had on any NYE of this decade. And I paid for it with a terrible headache the following day. But my memories of the evening are fond and I am thankful to have them.

My shopping and style resolutions are simple: Want less.

I intend to 'shop my closet' and enjoy the wonderful things I already have. And I am fortunate to be able to make such a resolution with confidence. Knowing that I have no immediate lack for basics, occasion pieces, and interesting options that yield versatility make this decision obvious and easy on the surface. But patterns of consumption are often far more complex and irrational than the practical acknowledgment of needs and veto of wants. Above all else, I aim to curb my compulsory desires for all things new. New for the sake of newness is just not compelling. I am baffled by how persuasive it seemed for so long.

That said, I am far from perfect and know myself better than to institute an indefinite ban. But I've been practicing wanting less for almost the entire fall season. Although I may have bought plenty of superfluous dresses in the last few months as sales cycled through, I only focused on two pieces from the season. And those are the last two I bought. 

I hope that savoring what I have already, rather than obsessing over the chase and hunt for more will assist me in acknowledging appropriately the privileges and good fortune I am grateful to experience in so many arenas of life. Happy 2010!


erin said...

that twinkle dress is great! i don't think i've seen it before!

hope you guys had a lovely new years, and i hear you with wanting less. i'mma try but we'll see!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks Erin! I had never seen it before either until it popped up on giltfuse final sale. I used an account credit to buy it and it came the next day, somehow.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Also, we missed you on nye but had a blast. I hope you had fun!


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