July 08, 2010

Fall Wishlist So Far

As the sweat pours off of most Mid-Atlantic dwellers, I long even more for fall weather. This fall will be exceptional because I will have my first brush with the title of Assistant Professor and I will  be getting married to my long term partner! Lots to look forward to, for sure!


roxyturtle said...

Sounds soooo exciting! I love fall. Everyone talks about spring being colorful and vibrant but I love the rusty earthy tones of fall and the crisper, cooler air.

Your wishlist has me nodding in agreement. Especially over the Well-Wisher Jacket, which cannot arrive in stores fast enough for me.

Anonymous said...

I mush prefer spring and autumn to summer clothes. London is having a prolonged heatwave at the moment, and I'm struggling to look stylish, while not melting in the heat. We're not as lucky (?) as some, and don't have air con in our office...I feel less and less stylish each day, and less and less inspired by my clothes each day. Bring on slightly cooler weather, I say!

Ady Grafovna said...

Nice wishlist!

SunnyDay said...

I really love the dresses on your list. You have an eye for patterns. I seldom think about coats since I live in such a warm climate. The black one is speaking to me, though, the shape is perfect.

Your fall will be so exciting!! I am so happy for all the good things happening to you.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Roxy, Fall is my favorite favorite favorite! Can't wait to see the clothes in person!

Little Miss Plump, Same. We are having a heatwave all along the mid-Atlantic and East Coast and it is brutal. I feel like a wilting flower everywhere I go.

Ady, thank you!

Desert Flower, patterns are my vice. Well patterns and coats. When I wasn't sure where I'd end up I was seriously nervous it would be somewhere warm all year round, rendering my coats useless. Thanks so much for your kindness re: the congratulations. I feel really really lucky.


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