July 08, 2010

Color Drenched Travels and More Thoughts on Monogamous Dressing

I've been in and out of town a lot lately, with a number of voyages on the horizon. Some are merely weekend getaways for pleasure, while others are lengthier research-driven stays. I spent some time at my parents' house this week, enjoying the beauties of Washington County's farm landscapes and my folks' central a/c. This is what I wore for the hot drive to south of the South Hills. The heat made it necessary or at least desirable (for the sake of my dry cleaning bill, in particular) to layer cotton underneath the silk of this dress.
Color Drenched Dress from Anthropologie (similar here)
American Apparel tshirt underneath
Burberry jeweled flats (similar here)
vintage belt
Sometimes I worry that I remix the same pieces too soon or too often to bother including on the blog (I just blogged the above dress here). But I don't really live a "wear once and retire" kind of lifestyle so I guess it is just being honest to show how regularly I will re-wear a garment. The style/shopping/fashion blogosphere definitely seems to favor those always able to wear new or new-to-the-blog outfits. I hope my financially practical strategy of monogamous dressing, that factors in price per wear when I contemplate a purchase, isn't too dull for the audience.

I also apologize for not responding to comments. With some of my travels, I am internet-less and scheduling the blog to update is a lot simpler than staying on top of thanking all of you who comment and offer your input on my posts. I promise when I am settled I will be catching up on all correspondence!


Kim said...

I love this outfit Jess and really like the tee underneath the dress - I'm going to try that with mine! Thanks for the inspiration!
As for monogamous dressing - if someone doesn't want to read my blog because i rewear the same pieces, oh well. Even if I had the money, I can't imagine wearing something once and that's it. It's wasteful! Plus, I love my clothes too much not to wear them again and again. I like to change it up on my blog, but you'll see me in the same pieces mixed with other pieces a lot :-)

jadan said...

Jesspgh-this is exactly why I love reading your blog--because you remix! I too do not live the "wear once and retire" lifestyle and it is inspiring and refreshing to see a blogger wear an item in multitude of ways instead of wearing a whole bunch of new items. I have this dress and every time I see you wearing it I always want to pull it out and wear it too because it just looks so darn cute on you! Thanks for keeping it real-life and don't ever feel like it is dull because I'm sure I'm not the only one of your readers who are inspired by it!

Amblus said...

I have to repeat a lot of clothes too, but hey, I don't have a ton of money and I like re-wearing a favorite item and trying to make it look different with accessories. That's why style blogs are fun. Anyway, I love this dress on you!

Ady Grafovna said...

Repeat clothes are great! MOST people repeat their clothes. PLUS, you are wearing it differently. It is a different style!

No Guilt Fashion said...

I repeat clothes quite a bit. My blog is new, so I have a bit of time before people notice this. Also, like a previous poster said you wore it differently this go around. Enjoy getting your full value out of your pieces.

Rad said...

I need to learn more about how to remix. I re-wear clothes, of course, but it is often hard for me to re-wear them differently. I often just think about shirts as going with jeans, or this skirt with a white top, etc. I like picking up on other bloggers' remix skills.

tm said...

I suspect some bloggers just wear something once or twice for their blog for the sake of page hits and/or praise, then return or resell it.

Also, I find usage of the term "remix" to be unnecessarily sheepish or apologetic-- clothes *should* be worn more than once and in more than one way.

SunnyDay said...

I wish I had said exactly what Tastymoog said. She's absolutely right on both counts.

I think this dress is so cute with a tee under it.

Cat said...

No way. I like seeing remixes... who doesn't repeat stuff? I do it ALL the time, sometimes days in a row. I like seeing pieces reinvented and trust that every time you post this dress...I'm drooling over here. It's such a great piece!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Kim, I love turning to your blog for inspiration on how to wear and rewear pieces. Particularly that one anthro item three ways is in the spirit of this idea and I am grateful for your creativity!

Jadan, Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! I feel so humbled by what you wrote but it made my day!

Amblus, Glad you also rewear!

Ady, I am even fine with re-wearing the same way! I do that a lot. haha

Lyla's Mom, I know what you mean. I definitely find myself reaching for the same pieces if they are at the front of my closet or in the laundry rotation.

Rad, I am the same way usually but the blog is a good motivator to wear things in different ways than before.

tastymoog, that is possible. I always charitably presume people have a lot larger clothing budgets and closet spaces than me though!

Desert Flower, thanks so much!

Cat, I too like seeing remixes. What I love about your blog is how you pair classic, years-old anthro... sometimes with new and sometimes not.

Thank you all for your input and encouragement!

Marianne said...

I echo everyone else, I heartily encourage "monogamy". I really can't relate to those bloggers who are ALWAYS wearing something new.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Marianne! If I buy something I love, I can't help but want to wear it a million times. And I try to not buy things I don't love since I already have a full closet and limited space.


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