August 05, 2010

Anthropologie Second Cuts!

I noticed this morning that a bunch of items from my wishlist and from the sale pages are now featuring second cuts!

The Fragrant Valley Dress by Corey Lynn Calter (style #033023) is now $49.95. Although it is sold out, customer service can run a locater search.

The Lanai Breezes Shift is also marked down a second time to $49.95. You can see You and Me and Anthropologie's review of it here.

The Seaglass Garden Coverup is now only $19.95!

And plenty of belts, necklaces, and a few t-shirts are marked down to $9.95. Definitely worth perusing!


Tien said...

Hey, guess what! I just bought that Fragrant Valley Dress two days shy of two weeks ago! Okay, now I have to go about getting a price adjustment.

SunnyDay said...

I need to get things on my wishlist so I don't lose track of them. It's a great idea, that's the only way to know if they pop back!

Raquelita said...

Argh! I just can't shop at all right now. I won't get a real paycheck until September, and I didn't teach this summer so my health insurance and that of my spouse's was unsubsidized and cost me an arm and a leg.

Jessica Miranda said...

i love the fragrant valley dress!


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