September 14, 2010

Anthropologie jacket reviews

Since fall is fast approaching I've been on the hunt for a cute blazer. I had my eye on the Alma Mater jacket since it is so unique and interesting. I like the idea of unapologetically assuming a nutty professor vibe through a piece like this. Not knowing what to expect, I grabbed a size 8. It fit like a glove! But I am not sure if this piece is as versatile as I need. The mixed tweedy fabrics make it hard to wear with prints or non-neutrals. And my closet is mostly comprised of prints and non-neutrals. The quality of it was fantastic though with thick fabric and cute buttons. I preferred it closed to open which might be another reason to go with something else. I kind of feel like this piece will make it to sale because although it is really cool and unique, it probably doesn't suit the needs of a lot of consumers. I've wishlisted it though and hope to grab it as soon as it is marked down a bit.

Although I am not in the market for yet another princess coat, I couldn't resist bringing the Phlox and Coral coat to the fitting room with me. It reminds me very much my wool Plenty by Tracy Reese's princess coat from last winter called the Elimovna Coat. The fit was similar to that one. I grabbed the medium though I could have probably taken a small. These buttons aren't as insecure as the snaps of Elimovna so I think people could more easily size down with it. Plus fall weight clothing isn't as bulky as winterwear. The details are beautiful. Rich embroidery and nice fabrics. Sturdy large buttons. But all of this comes at a premium price. It is EXPENSIVE for a fall jacket so I would probably wait for a sale if I was lusting after this one. Like I said before, I don't need it so it isn't even wishlisted. But the quality is lovely and if it gets marked down twice (which I bet it might) it could become a good value for a statement piece.

I loved the strange print of the Zoom Lens Cardigan so I grabbed that in a medium. It was big. And bulky. And had a strange scarf that I thought was attached but is in fact detachable. The fabric is thick but not as warm as the Casch cardigans of years previous. It isn't made by the same line but something about it reminded me of those pieces. I will say that it is a lot softer and less itchy than boiled wool. I just don't think this shape is a good look on me personally. Though it could have been the pairing. Maybe it would look nicer with some slim fit corduroy pants?

I might head over to the store today to check out the new sale items. Roxy's got the full list over at Effortless Anthropologie. Some exciting pieces made it to sale this week! I might finally cave on the Dagmar Shirtdress. BTW don't forget to enter my Anthropologie Gift Card Giveaway! You have a few more days.


gee said...

i really want the shirtdress as well. but i might pass. :(

but i did just order online the cutest blazer from the Gap, called the Band Blazer in navy. plus i got 20% off today. woohoo.

i love the first one. i love anything tweed.


triciathomas said...

I picked up the Dagmar today! I love the Pholox coat but agree WAY to expensive!! I think when it hits sale I will heavily consider it!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Gee, I stopped by the store and ended up passing too. I had both the Sugar and Cream and the Dagmar, tried them on again, and went home with nothing. I just wasn't in love. I DO love that Band Blazer! I wish they had the herringbone in my size still.

Triciathomas, the Dagmar is going to be fantastic on you! Oh my I can't wait to see it on your blog.

Karlye said...

I was curious if you picked up the Dagmar dress. It's been on my list too.

I will be adding the Zoom Lens Cardigan. It looks like a great piece for fall.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Hi Karlye, I haven't picked it up. I guess I just kind of fell out of love with it. I think it is because of fall. I want everything to be rust or auburn and the red of the Dagmar is very red.

Marie said...

hi! im on the hunt for the alma mater jacket, i waited to long to get it and now cant find it :( ...if your size 8 is on the market, let me know!


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