September 12, 2010

Joining the Ranks: Anthro Chemise as a Dress

Last night I decided to join the many bloggers who have boldly chosen to wear the Distant Chirping Chemise by Eloise as a out-of-the-bedroom dress. And it seemed to be quite a hit. I got a number of compliments followed by somewhat surprised looks when I said it was really a nightgown. Pairing it with a cardigan and a belt, and layering a slip underneath made it "dressy" enough to wear out to Johnny Cash Tribute Night. Although these photos aren't from the night (I had my hair down and had make up on) I snapped these at home when I first bought it last week. I love when Speck joins me for a photo.

I am wearing a medium which was pretty blousey and roomy but I liked the length of the medium better than the small. This doesn't have stretch but is machine washable and of good quality for a nightgown. The light colored fabric had the potential to show darker foundation pieces so I did think it was important to layer a slip underneath. The straps are adjustable which is good for petite gals! The print was too cute to pass up because my size was already sold out online. And at the price of a nightgown instead of a dress I was glad I found it in store! Speaking of the store, because I like to compare the mirrors in fitting rooms with reality, here is how it looked when I first tried it on:

Smoke and tricky mirrors strike again! Anyway, here are links to bloggers who have tried this piece in action: Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie, Likely Badger, and The British Anthropologi(e)st. If there are more that I/google missed, please let me know!

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Joie de Viv said...

Whoa Jess! I jjust realized in these pics that you seem to have shrunk a lot! You're getting so skinny! I scrolled backwards on your posts and I'm right! Anyhow you ook incredible - I'm jelly of your hair and that chemise totally can pass for a dress!

xx Vivian @

thatdamngreendress said...

Dang it! So cute on you! I tried to jump on the chirping bandwagon but it was sold out. I hope Anthropologie takes note and introduces more of these kind of fun and relatively inexpensive treats!

Debbie said...

It definitely looks like a dress and it's really cute with that cardigan and belt. Great outfit!

Anonymous said...

You.look.fab! :)

gee said...

oh my goodness...why would they make this into a chemise. it looks to pretty to be one..its perfect as a dress. i love it on you !!! xoox

erin said...

super cute as a dress!

Alicia likely badger said...

I agree. The nightie looks so cute on you!! And at that price it's a steal. I sometimes wear slips under my lounge wear if they are too short. Some of anthro's best dresses are in the lounge section :). I love how you look in the off white color. Very cute!!!

Cat said...

You look lovely in this! Count me convinced. This dress is meant to be worn out :)

triciathomas said...

It looks so pretty on you! I think it was put in the wrong section because that is a dress!

NRC♥ said...

The colours are ace, I love your style x

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Vivian, you are very kind. I don't think anything is too different unless you are talking about my posts from two years ago in which case yes I have lost a bit of weight since. That said, things fluctuate over here and I try to just accept whatever I'm dealing with. haha Thanks for reading!

thatdamngreendress, I hope you can find one in store! Mine had a bunch (in Pittsburgh at Bakery Square).

Debbie, thank you! I thought it worked and didn't look scandalous or anything.

Little Miss Plump, thanks so much!!

Gee, I agree it is too pretty to be behind closed doors only.

Erin, thank you!

Alicia, I loved it on you and was so glad to see some ladies rocking it as a dress.

Cat, thank you! I agree.

Triciathomas, haha I agree with you. I am glad you guys think it works as daywear.

NRC, thanks and thank you for reading!!

SunnyDay said...

I really like this with the cardigan and belt. Definitely looks like a dress and not a nightgown!

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Rachel said...

If you ever consider parting with your distant chirping chemise, would you pretty please keep me in mind?


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