November 20, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs Gilded Sunflower Dress (from Gossip Girl)

This week I noticed Blair was wearing yet another MBMJ look. This time she was in the Gilded Sunflower dress. I didn't post my review before because I wasn't crazy about how this one looked on me at all. But I figured if interest grew (as it often does once something is on GG) I could offer my review.

The dress is really beautiful in person. The brocade of the fabric and the details of the dress are what you would expect from MBMJ quality. It is visually a very stunning piece and I grabbed an 8 off the rack because that was as large a size they had. I knew it would likely be snug in the hips and it was. The waist and above were true to size. I had no trouble zipping it up. But I think I would have had issues trying to sit down and be comfortable. I would have had to pair this with spanx or size up to make the 8 work. So I would argue to size up if you had curvier hips like I do. It would make a great party dress but it could also be toned down with a cardigan and flats for a pretty work look.


Anonymous said...

I just yesterday signed up for Your Blog

A Stylized Hysteria said...

um, vavaVOOM! It's really beautiful on you. The brocade is especially lovely.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

hah thank you a stylized hysteria!

Welcome to my little blog, anon!


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