November 15, 2010

Wearing Anthro PJs to Sunday Brunch

I already posted about wearing the Distant Chirping bird print chemise as a dress, but this time I made it fall appropriate. I went to brunch with a friend and paired it with a many seasons old Anthropologie cardigan, tights, and Chloe flats. I bought these funny twisty bobby pins to try to put my hair up without a thousand pins and it was barely successful. Oh well!


Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

you look lovely! love the print.

xxx Charlie
Feminine Bravery

Amber Rose said...

My oh my-- you are gorgeous! :) Hope lunch was well.

roxy said...

LOVE the color combination! Your weekend outfit puts my weekday looks to shame. Gorgeous!!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Charlie! The print is really what drew me to the chemise.

Amber, that is an exceedingly generous compliment. Thank you!

Roxy, you are so sweet. I adore your outfits and am glad you are sharing them on EA!!


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