January 24, 2011

What I Wore to Eleven Madison Park

When we go out of town, Chris and I always try to schedule one fancy date/meal to a restaurant we've never visited. We asked close friends of ours (who have a much firmer grasp of restaurant culture within and beyond Pittsburgh) where we should go on our trip to New York. They suggested Eleven Madison Park. By the time we went to make the reservation all that remained were lunch spots. But that actually saved us a bit of dough and allowed us the entire evening to bask in the afterglow of afternoon booze and too many courses. This lunch took over three hours! I don't know how people go back to work after something like that.

Because I knew I'd be outside walking around a lot in the cold and slush I packed a bunch of wool dresses. The above is a somewhat recent repeat swapped with one of my multiples.

The food and service were unforgettable, if not a little more formal than what you experience in Pittsburgh-area fine dining. I didn't feel under-dressed but I might have at a dinner hour. Every course was plated beautifully so even though we are not typically food-photo takers, we made some exceptions. I don't have all the courses because some are on Chris's phone.

Above are "crab" and "lamb" respectively. The restaurant's menu text is minimal, featuring only the primary ingredient of each dish. Although our servers were happy to answer questions, we felt pretty confident in just selecting with the information we had and being surprised. We ate a lot of great food on this entire trip, in the home of our friends where we stayed and in restaurants in Brooklyn and elsewhere. I might talk about them in upcoming posts, alongside my shopping/buying reports but I definitely wanted to share since Eleven Madison Park was such an indulgent experience.


Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

One of my favorite restaurants EVER! I'm so glad you went.

You look lovely as always!

goldenmeans said...

Wow, your experience sounds fantastic! I always love hearing about people's exciting culinary discoveries and adding things to my "When in NYC I must visit..." list. Eleven Madison Park is now officially on there =)

Becca said...

That crab is seriously making my mouth water! it looks so delicious.

You look gorgeous, too! your hair is freakin' amazing. I am totally envious.


JG said...

Beautiful! (both the food and the outfit)

What is that crab dish? Is it wrapped in pasta? ::swoon::

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Kate, I assumed it was a place you must have visited! It was unforgettable. The service! The room! The FOOD!!!

Goldenmeans, I think you'd love it! My close friend is a food critic so I take her professional opinion very seriously and she was the one who suggested it!

Becca, the crab was so sweet and the egg noodles were intensely buttery and rich! Thanks so much! I am excited you have a blog again!

JG, Thank you! It is just crab with an eggy noodle and a lemon butter sauce. Simple but the caliber of ingredients made it amazing!


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