January 22, 2011

De Chelly Fit Review

Before it went on sale and before I left for New York I stopped by the Mt. Lebanon Anthropologie and tried on the De Chelly dress. Please forgive my socks. It was too cold to bother removing them. The De Chelly is a very charming dress that I probably would be more drawn to if the temperature was warmer here. It is the kind of thing I'd want to wear on a picnic or on a boat. The rope style belt adds a nautical touch. I tried on an 8 and it fit well all over. Because of the length and my height I think I would prefer the petite length. It is nice that there is a petite option with this one! The dress is fully lined and the print is textured and threaded. The dress seemed to be of fine quality particularly for the sale price. I passed because it was still full price and because I considered the fabric and colorway to be best for summertime, I didn't rush to buy it even on sale. But a few bloggers have demonstrated how to make it winter appropriate. See some styling options by Kim from Anthroholic here.


Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

That dress is stunning on you-- I really like the princess cut (is that what it's called?).

It's a shame everything is so pricey.

Heather said...

I bought this today - last one in the store and in my size! I'm in the freezing cold north and will probably be waiting to pull this one out until late spring. I couldn't resist it though - so cute!

Desert Flower said...

I saw it in person today. Very nice fabric, I agree it's really summer appropriate. Although I think Kim made it work very well for winter!

Kim said...

Thanks for the link love Jess! I think it looks fantastic on you!!

joelle van dyne said...

this is one of my fav anthro pieces in awhile. i really like the soft color palette and the added length (though i know it is not always the easiest to wear). now i'm curious to see the petite length too.

Becca said...

That looks great on you! I think the length looks good actually.

I just did a charge send for that dress. I hadn't really noticed it online, but I tried one on in store recently and it's really cute!


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