March 14, 2011

Cold Spell OOTD

The weather has warmed a bit, but last week it reverted back to winter.  I was fine with this because I got to participate in a cold weather activity I hadn't done since middle school! I went ice skating. On Monday my friend Phil organized an ice skating event to raise revenue for our local Planned Parenthood. A bunch of us bundled up and put on some skates. I am not very coordinated so I gripped the side rail and took the hands of generous, patient friends (including Chris who is shown taking Rachel around for a lap).

Rachel and I had a blast even if we weren't the most skillful skaters. And Chris got to show off a little bit. He loves winter sports!


Kristin said...

How fun! I have only been ice skating a couple of times. It was great, but I did spend most of the time right by the side rail, just in case!

noelvallens said...

the weather is warming up here, and I almost wish we had a little bit colder weather just a bit more. love the collar on your coat! it looks so warm and cozy.

Steph said...

Ice skating for a good cause! I like it. I have no grace when it comes to ice skating so I feel your pain! At least you looked good doing it!

Thirteenlbs said...

You look great in that coat. Can you believe I was a figure skater back in the day?

Allie said...

Awww, I love ice skating! Maybe it's because I'm in HI and we go to our one little rink in the summer to get out of the heat.


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