March 13, 2011

Late to the party: Take Action dress review

February was a crazy month for me. It flew by. Numerous publication and faculty service deadlines convened at the same time. It entailed a bigger-than-usual trip because Chris and I flew across the country (instead of staying around the East Coast). And it didn't leave a lot of free time for shopping. For this reason I was excited that my local Anthropologie still had a bunch of the Take Action dresses in store last weekend. I never tried the Twinkle Twinkle dress (its predecessor) so I had no idea about fit. But I liked the newer color combo and loved how it looked on Becca and Anjali. I grabbed an 8 which seemed to work. Although the top fit a bit oddly, particularly underneath the bust (above the gathered waist) where it bloused. At least the bottom was a good fit. I think if I was going to buy this one I would want to wait until a second cut sale because I think I would only wear this layered with something and/or belted. This might be one of those dresses on which I pass but admire on others.


A Stylized Hysteria said...

I love the color combo too, but the fit is a

M. said...

I have the Twinkle Twinkle. Obviously. Sometimes when I'm walking gathered waist will nudge up a bit and create that odd blousing effect you're talking about, but it's oddly flattering on a short and busty figure even with the higher jewel neckline. I bought mine with my birthday discount and didn't think I'd remix it so well, but it's proven to be a way more versatile piece than I ever thought it would. Have you worn other Girls From Savoy pieces? Do they all work well on shorter bodies?


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