March 09, 2011

Quick Hard-Working OOTD

DVF dress
Cece cardigan
ChloƩ flats
Anthropologie trench
Banana Republic necklace

I wore this to campus before Spring Break began. I have owned this dress for a long while. It was one of my first purchases from Shopbop. Although it isn't part of my hardest working garments list, I have brought down its cost-per-wear significantly over the years. At 70% off, it was easy to do.

Later today I will share some of the hardest workers in reader closets! 

In unrelated Pittsburgh business and ecommerce news, it was a major bummer to read that Modcloth laid off workers this week. Included in the layoffs were a few that the company very recently relocated from Pittsburgh to San Francisco. It almost makes me glad that they gave my friend the ax before she uprooted her and her husband's life late last summer. My heart goes out to those who are now looking for work.

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tastymoog said...

that is really terrible about those who got laid off after relocating. perhaps they hired too many too fast. i remember their humble beginnings-- it was exciting to see it all happening in pittsburgh, and the buzz on campus was big (at least in the circle i ran with).

i think they have overexposed themselves with all the freebies they give to many bloggers. the flimsy frocks and trinkets are not exclusive or worthy of the excessive praise given by these various bloggers. a lot of items they carry are so throwaway, akin wet seal or f21. it does seem like they are making a move towards higher quality labels, though. it'll be interesting to see where they go next.


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