March 09, 2011

Readers' Hardest Working Garments Part One

Sahiti of Adventures in Soro said that her classic Hunter rain boots are among the hardest workers in her closet. She writes, "They've protected me from knee high snow, melting slush, disgusting icy rain, and general cold weather.  They go with everything and they are heavy enough so I won't slip and fall."

Sarah from That Damn Green Dress said that shirtdresses remain a constant in her wardrobe. This one was shown being worn two different ways, styled for two different continents! She wrote, "This old black vintage striped shirtdress is such a go-to since the tiny gold, maroon, and teal stripes can be picked out with any number of cardigan or belt colours.  When I traveled to Frankfurt and Venice last year with only a carry-on bag of clothes to get me through 2 weeks, this was the first choice to go in the bag- dressy enough and casual enough for any occasion."

I love Sarah's dress and Sahiti's boots! Both are great exemplars of the subjectivity of hard working garment selection. Practical boots that keep you dry can be worn with a variety of outfits all season long. And a staple dress can take you from day to night, place to place. But depending on the preferences of the person, specific pieces become viewed as harder working. Thank you both for participating!

There's more to come and if you missed out, feel free to discuss your hardest workers in the comments!

1 comment:

noelvallens said...

i love her shirtdress! my hardest working piece is probably a pair of black boots (although i'm trying harder to rely on them less) and a chambray shirt (to which i've completely given in and just bought multiples of).


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