March 10, 2011

Readers' Hardest Working Garments Part Two

13 of Thirteen Pounds is a fellow academic and she wrote about a beloved blazer from the Gap. She said, "I wear it with everything, but especially to up the ante on more casual outfits when I'm instructing or in the field.  Or, it works as a completer piece for lighter tops, as in this pic. It's about a year old but is literally my best purchase ever.'s really warm." I love how she styled it with vibrant colors. A basic jacket can be so versatile because it goes with everything!

Josie from Jojophine is a newlywed (if my calendar math from her most recent blog entry is correct!)! She chose her favorite cardigan and dress. She wrote that, "I got both of them super cheap. The dress is gap (2 years ago) and I wear it with lots of different cardigans and belts as well as blouses to turn it into a full skirt. The cardigan is from H&M (1 year ago) and I wear it all the time! It was the best $20 I've spent in a long time on an article of clothing." That dress is too cute and the cardi has such pretty, feminine sleeves!

Thank you so much, 13 and Josie! One more batch to go, plus my own roundup.

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