March 28, 2012

These days

With the return of cold weather marks an opportunity to squeeze in some of my favorite dresses before they need to be stored away. Although this particular silk See by Chloé number can be worn into spring, it's a touch too short to wear to work without tights. I paired it with flats for a long day of lecturing.

On campus, we're entering the home stretch of the semester and although the end is in sight, my commitments and responsibilities are amping up considerably. April promises to be a busy month and I feeling a bit tired just thinking about my schedule. Currently, I'm drafting a keynote address for the freshman honor society induction ceremony this weekend. Being busy is good for my bank account because I've had no time to browse, let alone shop.

I'm wearing:
See by Chloé dress (from 2009ish?) (similar)
Cece cashmere cardigan from Bluefly (similar though not cashmere)
Spanx tights
Chloé lock flats (similar)
Michael Kors watch
Anthro initial necklace (similar)

*A note on the location: Although it looks like I'm taking photos in the middle of a country road, I assure you that this is on my campus, at an hour when many have already left for the day. And this particular road is currently closed to vehicular traffic during new building construction.  (Other than taking indoor office photos) This being only steps from my office is the easiest, quickest outdoor one for me, complete with a nice little stand on which I can set my camera sans tripod. I'm sure I'll have to relocate once regular car traffic is permitted again. But I still feel quite sheepish about taking photos in public. This is something I don't expect to get over any time soon. Bloggers: do you try to scout private locations for your self photos?


snowymt 55 said...

love the print on this dress Jess!

Patti_NotDeadYetStyle said...

That dress is so lovely, and I know what you mean about length -- I have a couple of dresses that I feel I *must* wear tights with, and it's getting too warm now : < Gorgeous little flats too!

Julieofalltrades said...

Fantastic dress! Love the print!

Terri said...

You know, I don't mind public photos so long as my "photographer" is along, but I have not ventured off to take self-portraits on my own.

thatdamngreendress said...

Lovely sunshine!! heh...when I take pictures outside, like on my balcony or in the backyard, I often adopt a pose of studied reflection, as if contemplating something outside their field of vision! Lame!

Good reminder about getting through those short hemlines with tights while we still can! I never wear anything short without the comforting protection of opaque tights...


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