April 03, 2012

Anthro sale skirt reviews

Today there were a bunch of markdowns at anthro so I figured I would share my thoughts on two recent sale adds. See the full sale roundup here.

The Inked Flora skirt looked so pretty, folded neatly on a table when I walked into my local store. I grabbed a size 8 and found it to be poofy with an odd drape. It was unlined but fitted appropriately in the waist. The length was to my knee and I wonder if the petite is shorter. I liked the length of the regular.

The Kudzu skirt appealed to me because of its photo realist print. But the cut was too voluminous even for someone who enjoys a poofier silhouette.  I am wearing a 10 and found it to be a bit large so I imagine an 8 would have worked slightly better. The length is to the knee. The cotton is substantial and well starched. If I was less curvy perhaps this style would work better on me.

Did you buy anything from this week's sale?


thatdamngreendress said...

ha- I love the way these interact with the top you're wearing- it kinda works! The inked flora looks nice, actually- it's a nice print and drape to go with colours, and I was totally into these photographic prints but possibly just because I like the idea of photographic prints...I held off today- a lot of things I liked but nothing I HAD to have (or take a chance on- the cuts just seem too iffy on everything to order without trying on! when will that store ever open here...)

I am rather tempted by the pink cottage blouse though...

zyzzyva said...

While I'm not too into the print myself, I think the Kudzu Skirt looks great on you. The stiffness of the material gives it more of a pleated appearance. Though I understand how the effect in person may differ from the photo.

Despite the sorry lack of free shipping, I bought a couple things: Sailor Collar Pullover (have been needing a lounge-cover-up) and the silvery Florena Jacket (*so* silky! -- I had tried it in store so knew I needed to size down to XS).
Above all, though, I was most excited about getting my last-chance price adjustment on the Citric Dress! I had given up on it eons ago due to the ridiculous price and since the fabric looked thin online. I ran across it in the sale room when I was last at Anthro and found the fabric to be much more substantial and the color vibrantly glorious. I bought it, figuring I'd end up needing to return it, but hoping for a second cut. Yay for shopping on Sale Tuesday (meaning I was just within the 14 days!). :D

embarrassmentofriches said...

I think both look great on you! Thank you for the reviews.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know Chris and Speck will have something great in store for you :)


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