May 11, 2012

All about my mothers

I've been thinking a lot lately about my mother and the other maternal figures in my life (especially my mother-in-law, my step-mother-in-law, and my aunts), as we approach this weekend's Mother's Day. There are so many positive ways in which familial and/or mentoring women have made an imprint on me. I think of the many moments in my life when I have needed support, encouragement, and words of wisdom from these women. And it has been given from them, unconditionally, without reservation, and without condescension. With empathy, understanding, and love... what a wonderful gift!

It heartens me to think about my mothers' relationships with their sisters and with their children. As a feminist scholar I also find myself thinking about family histories and the various women who shaped the mothers I know and love. I've been thinking a lot about my grandmothers, for example.

Although this holiday has become imbued with commercialism and notions about emotional expression via consumerism, it still strikes me as an opportunity for reflection and gratitude. And so, at the start of this weekend I already feel overcome with reverence for women as influencers, mentors, and maternal presences. Happy Mother's Day weekend to you and yours!


Elaina said...

This was lovely, Jess!

carol_prettythings said...

To you and yours as well, Jess. It is lovely to know that women can be and are so good to each other everyday, everywhere.

Dawn said...

Thank you for these reminders. I tend to get caught up in 'holidays' lately and seem to forget what they're all about. I'll take some time out to honor all the mothers in my life tomorrow...


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