July 26, 2012

Elastic OOTD

Over the last few months of pregnancy, I have amassed a small but useful collection of elastic waisted skirts. Each of them has served me well in many contexts, from formal occasions to casual ones. The above (called the "Fresh Cut Skirt") was an Anthro sale buy. I grabbed a 10 but it runs big so even while pregnant, an 8 would have been fine too. I appreciate its slightly asymmetrical hemline and the rich greens of the print. It has pockets and is fully lined. I imagine you might be able to still track one down in store but it is sold out online. I am learning that with my thickening middle, I probably shouldn't rely on the same outfit shapes that I used to but, old habits die hard. To peep more detailed belly photos, you can check my pregnancy blog here.

Marc by Marc Jacobs top
Anthropologie Fresh Cut Skirt
Tory Burch Revas in pink (current season version)

1 comment:

thatdamngreendress said...

Such fresh green garden-y goodness! I love a good comfy go-anywhere skirt, and it looks lovely with the black and white blouse. And hey- the photo that pops up in the 'You might also like' post below it features the back porch blouse- I bet that would go swimmingly with the print on the skirt!


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