July 24, 2012

Flared Anabelle Dress Review

When I first spotted the Flared Anabelle Dress, it called to mind the New Look silhouette. Its below-the-knee length, fitted and slightly high waist, and generous skirt comprise apparent vintage inspiration. I didn't realize it was offered in petite lengths until I checked it out on the Anthropologie website. I love the drama of the catalog shot they include! I am unfamiliar with the brand, called Mabel by Some Odd Rubies. But I thought the dress was pretty stunning even if it made me look a little stumpy. The quality seemed to be very good. It is fully lined. I tried on an 8 which fit well, despite my nearing the end of the first trimester at the time these photos were taken. For this reason I would say it runs large. Large but also short waisted. I am already short waisted and this particular style made me long for a belt and for a bit more length in the dress's torso. While I find the dress to be stunning it is not for me personally. I look forward to seeing it styled by others because I think it has great potential.


snowymt 55 said...

that print is gorgeous!! yay for petite lengths :)

Raquelita said...

I bought that dress (though not in petite) for myself about a month ago and agree that it runs large. I love the print on it!

thatdamngreendress said...

that is extremely high waisted! It looks really beautiful though- I hadn't noted it but now I've seen two people look gorgeous in it...finally wishlisting (you know, for maybe insane sale price someday...)


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