November 06, 2012

In which OOTD has a fast food setting

I don't typically eat fast food. It isn't that I don't crave it or feel like it's the worst thing ever or anything. I just don't wind up needing for my meals to be fast most of the time. But on Wednesdays, when Chris and I teach into the late evening, commuting back to the city when most restaurants have closed, dinner options are slim pickings. So the other day when we spotted the "open" lights at the Five Guys closest to campus, we made a b-line for some quick burgers and fries.

And although I was exhausted and a bit frazzled (and the angle of these makes me look very short) I am sharing them cause I really like my dress.  Chris observed that it looks like the sort of thing I'd wear pre-pregnancy and I agree! It's from the maternity line at ASOS. Definitely worth checking out if you are pregnant. I find the pieces to run just slightly small in terms of pre-pregnancy sizing. I ordered a size up from what would be my pre-pregnancy size and it worked out well.

ASOS striped knit maternity dress (longer sleeved version here)
BP cardigan from Nordstrom (Halogen version on sale here)
Assets maternity tights
Payless cushion captoe flats

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jesse.anne.o said...

 I love 5 Guys fries.  That is all.

thatdamngreendress said...

mmm...sometimes these kinds of late eats are the best, almost romantic in a way.  Cuuuute dress- I hope you find a place in your wardrobe for it after!


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