November 02, 2012

OMG I can button my coat! (well, one of them)

Late last winter when Pittsburgh's Saks Fifth Avenue turned their closing sale into a company consolidation sale, it was bittersweet. Consumers reaped the discounted benefits of brands and merchandise that would have otherwise never been offered in our local store. And I certainly took advantage of the deals. But soon after, I planned and was successful in becoming pregnant, leaving  some of the pieces I purchased during the final sale days still unworn.

But one specific purchase has become a non-maternity maternity superstar, proving to be even more useful than I could have imagined! My Burberry Brit coat is warm and comfortable with an easy, relaxed shape. Somehow, even at 35 weeks it still buttons! I am so glad because the weather has taken a turn for the very cold and although I usually feel like a human oven, I to have a coat for when the temperatures dip into the 30s.

I wore this yesterday to campus and then to a late night dinner date with Chris. It kept me warm and relatively dry through the ongoing rain. Although I didn't pick it intending to have a versatile non-maternity outerwear option for maternity times, it has become just that. And with only five weeks left, I'm so glad I don't have to buy anything else for my temporary wardrobe. Thank goodness for the inverse pleat in the back that enables both its tent shape when I'm not pregnant and its flexibility to fit my belly in my current state!

**As an aside, my mom who reads here and on Consuming Parenthood has implored me to remove the clutter from my mirror photos and ... I promise would if I could. For these shots, I am in what will be the nursery and it is currently bursting with the incredible generosity of our families and friends who showered us with so many gifts. Until we set up the crib (hopefully this weekend) and finish removing the other pieces of furniture that are in there, the organization process is stalled. So please excuse the clutter and mess! Sometimes life in anticipation of great change gets especially cluttered and messy. And that's ok. Also, hi mom! :) 

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thatdamngreendress said...

Hurray!!  And a great coat it is too- love the lapels and length...

Ah clutter, how sweet.  I am swamped in clutter and pregnant with nothing else but dreams of a kitten...(shhhhh...don't let my cat hear)  Incidentally, how is Speck with kids?!


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