December 12, 2013

What I wore to Chris's dissertation defense

Photo from my campus, as I repeated the ensemble for work

Leading up to it, I wasn't sure if Chris was going to include family among the attendants at his dissertation defense. The protocol in his school and field are such that most often only the committee and doctoral candidate are there. But that week, he decided to break with the norm and include some loved ones (with the blessing of his committee). His mom and stepfather attended as well as Emilia and me. My parents and siblings wanted to attend also but the short notice (and pre-Thanksgiving timing) meant that it was too difficult to arrange work schedules.

My mother-in-law and I took turns wrangling Emilia and got to see him present his work. I'll never forget the moment when she pointed up to Chris who was explaining a PowerPoint slide and exclaimed, "DADA!!" The whole room stifled giggles but it was still my cue to take her into his office to play while he finished. We went to Legume Bistro (which was also the site of our engagement dinner) to celebrate afterwards. It was a wonderful day that I will never forget! Emilia will not have her own memories but we will help her with photos and stories. In just a year, she's attended two defenses!

Outfit details:
Anthropologie Tibur Cardigan
J. Crew Factory Retro Ponte Dress 
Ferragamo My Joy flats
Kors watch; David Yurman necklace; Amber pendant necklace (gift from Chris)

On Emilia: Isabella Garreton dress, First Impressions sweater, Stride Rite maryjanes, Gymboree tights

On Chris: Shipley and Halmos suit, Rag and Bone shirt, Vintage tie (gift from me)


Rebecca Lately said...

Congratulations, Chris! That is so exciting.

thatdamngreendress said...

Bravo! What an adorable family too... I love the cardigan, and somehow it matches very nicely with Chris' pretty tie!
I like the painted portraits photobombing too...

mark a. said...

you look very pretty!


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