January 26, 2014

Size up OOTD and some tips on a pump-at-work wardrobe

I bought this Tibi dress around this time last year because I knew it would be breastfeeding friendly and my pre-pregnancy sized version (in a different colorway, last worn here) didn't fit. I'm glad I found it on ebay for a good price in a size up from my other one because it has proved to be a useful piece for teaching. I appreciate the ease of an all-in-one "combo dress" because it looks as though it could be separates but I don't have to spend my day fussing over a tucked blouse.

Last weekend my friend Robina was visiting and wanted some advice about a pumping-friendly professional wardrobe. Although she's a seasoned breastfeeding mom, she is going to be doing some clinical rotations toward degrees in nursing and midwifery that will have her separated for long hours from her infant. She specifically was curious about the names of pumping-friendly dresses she could potentially track down via ebay. The first things I thought of were my Tucker for Target shirtdresses and this Tibi one.

Even with a private office and door that locks, it's nice to avoid having to totally disrobe in the middle of the day. So if a dress can unbutton in the front, ideally down to the waist, it is a keeper in my experience. Wrap and faux wrap dresses are also good options. And the added security of a full slip will make it easy to partially unwrap. Finally, I always keep a drapey cardigan handy, for quick and easy coverage as well as added warmth.

Outfit details:
Tibi dress (Anthropologie called it the Hudson and Houston dress many years back)
Hue tights
Tory Burch flats


thatdamngreendress said...

yay- three cheers for practicality, and I love this green print! I find it funny how everyone seems to think dresses are fussy and difficult, when actually it can be so much easier than making pants and skirts work with a top. Lovely. Just keep them in awe I guess.

Gnome Lover said...

I wish you had posted this when I was breastfeeding. Gosh! Almost ten years ago! I had no idea about shawls or shirts. I would find myself doing it in the oddest places. I am so glad there are more options now. Or maybe you are just much savvier than I was. : )

The dress is so pretty. I love a dress that looks like two pieces. So easy.


mark a. said...

oooo--i'm loving this outfit on you!


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